December 25


There's a star in the east ©ejm2010

the Mother: Oh these beautiful things, and all that gold!
Melchior: These are the gifts to the child.
the Mother: Hmmm the child... which child?
Melchior: We don't know. But the star will guide us to him.
the Mother: But perhaps I know him... what does he look like?
Melchior: [sings]

Have you seen a child the color of wheat...
the color of dawn?
His eyes are mild;
his hands are those of a king
-as king he was born.
Incense, myrrh, and gold we bring to his side;
and the eastern star is our guide.


Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice Greatly!

Christmas Day candles ©ejm1999


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It's another puzzle

The puzzle answer is a cryptogram:

aspires aspires aspires lasting
rejoice rejoice rejoice greatly


Oh oh... ooops!! (this is what comes of doing these things in haste... hope you had fun anyway!)

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