Imagine that you can hear the recital.

D flat chord gif(175 bytes) ©ejm 1998

If I could get permission to put a ChopMinW.wav file (66.2kb) here, you would be able to hear the recital by clicking on the chord and pressing "play" as the recitalist sits down. Many thanks to Donovan for locating and adjusting the timing, so that it works so amazingly well, of the wav file of an excerpt from a Greatest Pianist CD of Chopin's "Minute" Waltz in D flat major, OP. 64, NO. 1, played by Alexander Brailowsky.

Edit August 2008: Alas, in various computer crashes and tidyings of files and discs, the wav file has gone permanently astray. What a shame. It really was brilliant.

Many thanks to The Omega in The Omega's Javascript Help Forum for revising the Javascript coding so that the animation takes much less time to load.

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