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 |       |
 |  __H  |
 | /\- \ | ~---,        
 |/::\=-\|      \_,^%--- 
 ||::|[]||       />  \  I have included just
_|_______|_  ___/ >     about everything I've drawn
    /|\     (# o) >     so there is a wildly
   / | \     '-~ /|^^   varying degree of quality.
  /  |  \ ejm    | \

You might be wondering exactly what ASCII-art is. There are ASCII-art FAQ that will tell you everything you need to know about ASCII-art.

People have drawn a wide variety of ASCII-art pictures. There are many links to other ASCII-art sites. You can see and comment on other people's ASCII-art drawings by going to the newsgroup alt.ascii-art and/or VK's webchat forum. But be very careful. That chat room can be quite addictive. But before you post any of your own ASCII-art, make sure you have read the ASCII-art FAQ or (for those who don't like to read very much) at least looked at an ASCII character chart.

Please do not change or alter the drawings. When you use any of these unaltered drawings on your personal, non commercial website, the following words should be on the same page or frame where the image is displayed.

ASCII-art created by llizard aka ejm

You can also link to my site if you want to. To do that, copy and paste the following into your HTML:

<a href="" target="_top">ASCII-art created by llizard aka ejm</a>

Thank you.

Any drawings you find on these pages are NOT, under any circumstances, to be used for commercial purposes without my written permission.

e-mail ==%^7^^^7^^

© llizard aka ejm 1995-2005
Toronto Ontario Canada

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/ \
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