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window appearance attributes for popup windows

In javascript, yes=1 and no=0

Please remember that there are still some OS with resolutions set to 800x600. It is inadvisable to make your popup window too large. (Make sure that your visitors will be able to close the window!)

Coding (between the dotted lines): (Please let "copy and paste" be your friend)

N.B. Each line of Javascript that is from onclick= to status=0,' +, from 'toolbar=0, to top=20');, and from onmouseover= to popup'); must be in one line in coding (ie: no line breaks)

-------------------------dotted line-------------------------

<a href="http://website" title="link name"'main';
onclick="var, 'popup', 'directories=0,menubar=0,status=0,' +
return false;"
onmouseover="setAttribute('title',' opens in a popup');">link</a>

-------------------------dotted line-------------------------