Christmas Eve 1997 Menu

This is the drawing of illuminated letters I did for the top of our 1997 Christmas Eve menu. Veille de Noël gif 4.08kb I printed the menu on ivory deckle edge paper using "Book Antiqua (italic)" font.

Perhaps you don't have "Book Antiqua (italic)" font installed on your computer and would like to see what the "Book Antiqua (italic)" font looks like .

We don't have a colour printer so the image came out looking something like this:

black and white Veille de Noël  gif 4.04kb

To make the menu look more festive, I coloured in the holly with felt pen. This is roughly like the final result:

black and white Veille de Noël (coloured) gif 4.04kb
1997 Menu


Salade de laitue Romaine, clementines et croutons

vin: Vina Porta Cabernet Sauvignon 1996 (Chile)

Tarte aux poires gratinée avec graines de fromage bleu et menthe garnis

vin: Cline Zinfandel 1995 (California)

Soupe de Lentilles

Roquefort, Brie, Cabécou sur toasts


vin: Camron Pinot Noir 1991 (Willamette Valley, Washington)

Gateau de maison (Vina terte)

Poire William eau de vie

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