Christmas Eve 2002 Menu

apricot ©ejm This is the drawing of apricots I did for the top of our 2002 Christmas Eve menu. We still do not have a colour printer so it came out looking something like the apricot to the right. black and white apricot ©ejm

I printed the menu on ivory deckle edge paper using "Balmoral D" font for the titlecaps and "Book Antiqua (italic)" font for the menu. Perhaps you don't have the "Book Antiqua (italic)" font installed on your computer and would like to see what "Book Antiqua (italic)" font looks like.

I coloured in the apricot with pencil crayon. I shaded the pear more but I'm not skilled enough to achieve the same effect digitally. You'll just have to trust me when I say that it looked much better than this and, if I do say so myself, quite beautiful. Our guests kept the menu and now have it hanging on their kitchen wall.

first try:
apricot (coloured)

The menu looked something like this:

apricots (coloured)

Christmas Eve 2002

aperitifs with duxelles and crackers

saffron shrimps
house bread

orange fennel red onion salad

chicken with apricots and prunes
green beans
Italian rosé - Lamberti SantePietre Bardolino Chiaretto Classico 2001

apricot linzer torte

peppermint tea

altered for Advent calendar 2003 - 18 December :

apricots ©ejm2003

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