Christmas photoframes

Here are the frames ready for your photos.

holly circle photoframe gif(3.39kb)
holly square photoframe gif(ll.2kb)


   ascii-art Christmas llizard in photoframe gif(2.07kb)   ha   ascii-art music llizard in photoframe gif(1.03kb)
                 \_,^^%--- ha
                  _/>  \ ha
                    >       See how beautifully
                    >       the frames go 
                   /|^^     around the photos?
ejm97              | \

Having troubles getting your photo in the frame? Please feel free to e-mail.

Any drawings you find on these pages are NOT,
under any circumstances, to be used for commercial
purposes without my written permission.

© llizard aka ejm 1997, 2001
Toronto Ontario Canada

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Christmas card, holly