Taking a Bicycle on Trains in Europe

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W (©ejm) 579bytese love to travel on our bicycles in Europe.
But sometimes lack of time makes it necessary to take a train. Many trains in Europe allow one to take a bicycle. The schedules have a picture of a little bicycle beside the train number. Make sure when you buy your ticket that you can take your bike with you.

You don't have to dismantle your bike. You just ride your bike to the train station, identify yourself to a railway official on the platform. That person will tell you where on the train your bicycle will go. Then you simply load your bike on the train. (Put the bike at right angles to the train's direction so it can't roll back and forth) When you reach your destination, you unload your bike and off you ride!

We have noticed that in smaller railways stations in France, the pocketsize schedules for other areas of France are inexplicably unavailable. It's a very good idea to find out about train schedules before you go. You can find the schedules by going to one of the two websites below. We print the schedule from the Website and take it with us but always confirm our Net findings when buying our tickets.

English language page of the German Railway system (DB) (covers all of Europe)

A new page will load with all the trains that allow you to travel with bicycle.

Find out which train(s) you would like to take from the above page and then go to English language page of the French Railway system (SNCF) for your printed pages to impress SNCF officials.

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