card contest entry

Here are five possibilities that I made for the GeoCities Holiday Card Contest 97 (when I still had a website at GeoCities). I entered #4.

Any drawings, including the gifs, are not,
under any circumstances, to be used for commercial purposes
without my written permission.

1.)Christmas skiers gif 8.68kb

2.)Christmas house gif 14.1kb

3.)Christmas house with holly gif 16.2kb

4.)Christmas house with holly and lights gif 16.2kb

5.)Christmas houses gif 7.10kb

   /)\  *
   7.~   \
  /o "\   \,^%---
  7 & ~    <  \ Merry Christmas!
 / @ ; \  _/>      (VK, choose "EJM" to see
 7` o  ~   __>        that it IS so an advent wreathe!)
/# " 97 \ _\_ \^^
  <EJM>  [___] \

ski animations:

Dec98 (gif) skiers{
Dec98 (gif) Christmas skiers{
Feb98 (ASCII-animation) moguls by bbunny{

Dec98 (gifs) skiers{
Dec97 (gif) more Christmas skiers{
Dec98 (ASCII-art) ASCII-skiers{

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Toronto Ontario Canada


Christmas cards, skiers, Christmas lights, houses, snow, night, holly