pre Christmas Feast 2003 Menu

cherries ©ejm

To the left is the drawing of cherries I did for the top of our 2003 pre Christmas Feast menu. We still do not have a colour printer so it came out looking something like the cherries to the right. I then coloured in the cherries with pencil crayons. cherry (black and white) ©ejm

I printed the menu on ivory deckle edge paper using "Vivaldi" font for the title and "Book antiqua (italic)" fonts for the menu. Perhaps you don't have these free fonts installed on your computer and would like to see what "Vivaldi" and "Book antiqua" fonts look like .

The menu ended up looking something like this:

cherries ©ejm

pre Christmas Feast for 2003

various aperitifs
red pepper pate
celery sticks
rice or cream crackers
molasses fennel rye bread

French rustic bread
Aveleda vinho verde 2002

coq au vin
green beans
steamed potatoes
Farnese Sangiovese Daunia 2002

vanilla ice with cherry rum sauce & ginger shortbread stars
Paraiso eau de vie de marc portugais

mint tea

Any drawings you find on these pages are NOT,
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