Insane SCRABBLE® Variation

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Please note that Milton Bradley neither knows about nor endorses these rules. (This is not to say that they wouldn't endorse them if they knew.) In fact, most people I know refuse to play this way, erroneously thinking that it is cutthroat Scrabble®. But let me assure you that we play only in the friendliest way, applauding successes (especially in complex exchanges) and bemoaning failures (especially in complex exchanges gone wrong).
                <_ \ Fear not. It's quite simple....
      ____\;    >/
     [_____]  __>,^
ejm   |   |  //| |

SCRABBLE® Variation: Replace the tile(s) and more...

My sisters and I devised this variation after too many frustrating games in which we felt that one person was unfairly penalized by rotten letters.

                 \_,^^%--- ha 
                  <\_  \ ha    See? It's easy when you know how...
                  >            Okay, I admit it... 
                 /|^^          it's ridiculously complicated.
ejm              | \

I urge you to at least try the "no turns" portion of these altered rules and you will quickly see that the game is improved dramatically.

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