screenshot LViewPro - remove background noise

You may notice that the background has some extra blotches. There are two ways that you can deal with this: either 1. fill or 2. remove

1. For areas that have several pixels that are similar in colour:

Choose Color Dropper (looks like an eye dropper). Left click on one of the extraneous pixels that you want to be part of the transparent background. Right click on desired background colour.
set transparency - part 1

Check Fill box (looks like a paint can pouring)
Place the cursor in the background area and left click. If the extra pixels do not all disappear, try raising the toler. number that is beside Match Mode (Match Mode should be set to RGB. Also ensure that the Wet Edges, Antialias, Unrestricted Fill and Merged Matching boxes are unchecked.) Save.
remove background noise - check fill box

2.) For background areas that have blotches that are easily isolated:

Right click with the color dropper on the background. Choose Shape Selection and then Rectangular Shape Selection. Outline the area that you wish to remove. Hit cntrl + x to delete the background noise. Save.
set transparency - part 1

Save as GIF . Delete unused colours . Set background colour . Set the transparency . Remove background noise . Check your work

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