frisbee and dog #4 -©ejm98 animated gif(15.0kb)

May 1998: I just learned how to make the animation much smaller in size so that it appears to be the same but takes far less time to load (I think it is called optimizing.) I went to a very cool optimizing page on the web and optimized it even further. The above animation used to be a whopping 41.5kb but is now only 15.0kb after using the free service there.

frisbee and dog #4 (minimized size)-©ejm98 animated gif(8.11kb)

I thought that the ocean moving would be cool but I find it distracting, so I changed it:

frisbee and dog #5 -©ejm98 animated gif(6.16kb)

other dog animations:

May98 dog can't catch frisbee{

May98 dog catches frisbee{

May98 dog runs on beach and catches frisbee{

May98 beachball with dog -no shadow{

May98 beachball with dog -shadows{

May98 beachball with dog in water{

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