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} Advent Calendar 2004 Nov-Dec2004 Latest Addition

} Advent Calendar 2003 Nov-Dec2003

} Advent Calendar 2002 Nov-Dec2002

} Advent Calendar 2001 Nov-Dec2001

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}Advent Calendar 1999

} Advent candles Nov1999, Dec2003

} beachball #1 no shadow Apr98

} beachball #2 simple catch Apr98

} beachball #3 perspective catch May98

} beachball #4 spin in air May98

} beachball #5 zoom May98

} beachball #6 spin May98

} ball & dog #1 no shadow May98

} ball & dog #2 & #2a shadows May98

} ball & dog in water May98

} birthday cake Jul99

} 12 Days of Christmas Calendar 2000/01 Dec2000/Jan2001

}Twelve Days of Christmas Calendar 1999 (NO Frames!)
Twelve Days of Christmas Calendar 1999 (Frames!) Dec99

}Christmas wedding bells Dec99

}more Christmas bells!! Dec99

}Decorating the Christmas tree Dec99

} bus stop Mar99

} Canadian flag Jul99

} Stop and Smell the Flowers May99

} frisbee & dog May98

} frisbee & dog #2 & #3 May98

} frisbee & dog #4, #5

} ice fishing Jan99

} juggle studies Jun98

} jumping fish Aug98

} kite Apr98

} knitting Dec98

} Masterchef Sep99

} mermaids

} skiers Dec98

} soroban Apr2004 Latest Addition

} sprinkler Jun99

}taxtime #1 & #2 Apr98

} trees Jun98

} trees 2 Nov99

} unicycle Jun98

} unicycle back and forth Jun98

} unicycling juggler Jun98

}Valentine Feb00

}walking Feb00

} waterfight Jul99

} watering the lawn Jun99

} windy day; wind and rain Jan99

} yoyos Aug98


animated gifs by llizard aka ejm

escape from frames

animated house in rain ©ejm98 gif 5.30kb (many thanks to anonymous for the idea)
              __                !/\
  /\   |  |  /  `  |  |   |  ---%^^^,
 /__\  |  | |  __  |--|   |    / \/ >
/    \ \__/  \__/  |  |   .        >

 ejm   A N I M A T I O N S !     | \

Please scroll down and click on
the links on the left to see
my animated gifs.

I have made a framed animation index as well. If you choose the frames version, you can scroll down the left hand frame and the animations will appear in the right hand frame.

I have optimized all my gifs by using a gif optimizer on the web and/or by using the gif animation program in LViewPro.

Animated Gif Artists Guild, Associate member (gif 2.24kb)

Please do not alter the images. When you use any of these unaltered images on your personal, non commercial website, the following words

image created by llizard aka ejm

should be on the same page or frame where the image is displayed.

I would also like it if you linked to my site, but you don't have to do that if you don't want to. However, if you do want to link to it, it should read as follows:
<a href="https://llizard.etherwork.net/">
This image created by llizard aka ejm</a>
If the page containing the link is a framed page,it should read as follows to break out of frames:
<a href="https://llizard.etherwork.net/" target="_top">This image created by llizard aka ejm</a>
Thank you.

Many thanks to anonymous for the idea from that person's animated castle gif. (If anyone knows who created that castle, please contact me.)

Any drawings found on these pages are NOT, under any circumstances, to be used for commercial purposes without my written permission.

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