juggler on a unicycle -©ejm98 animated gif(26.6kb)

(July 2003 - above image revised slightly for R.Young - now 26.6kb)

I wanted to use the following colours for the animation but the animation ended up at a whopping 203kb.

juggler on a unicycle -©ejm98 gif(1.77kb)

non-animated gif (1.77kb)

By changing the colours (I'm not wild about the colour choice, but there it is) and eliminating the shadows,

unicycle and/or juggling animations:

Jun98 unicyclist rides from left to right{

Jun98 unicyclist rides back and forth{

Jun98 unicycling juggler{

Jun98 unicycling juggler on tightrope{

Jul97 ASCII-animation of juggling unicyclist{

Aug97 another ASCII-animation of juggling unicyclist{

I narrowed it down to 90.5kb... but then I discovered another aspect of the animation program and it is now a much more managable 27.9kb!

I just figured out how I can use any colour (within a choice of 256) and still keep the animation down to a reasonable size but haven't figured out how to use the program efficiently though, so it may be some time before I get around to doing the above animation with the colours that I prefer.

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