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I have drawn lots when I should have been doing other things:

JUST A REMINDER: Any drawings you find on these pages are NOT, under any circumstances, to be used for commercial purposes without my written permission.

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llizard aka ejm
Toronto Ontario Canada

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All the artwork
(with the exception of a few otherwise noted)
on these pages has been created by:
llizard aka ejm


I like to draw on the computer:
illustrations in ASCII-art,
and gifs - especially animated gifs.


Please do not remove the initials from any drawings that you find.

Since we got our first computer in November 1995, I have blundered my way around; I have learned how to make animated gifs and am gradually, by trial and error, figuring out how to fill in the blanks in html. (I was beginning to feel comfortable... just as someone introduced something called style sheets... brrrrr!! And Heaven help me if php suddenly becomes available to me!) But I am a member of the Crosswinds Cadre and have put together a few help files that you may find useful.

As you may be able to tell, animations fascinate me, but I only know how to make ASCII-animations for Netscape Navigator 3, Opera 3.2b2 and Microsoft Explorer 4.0 (or higher) that have the Javascript enabled. They DON'T work in MSIE 3.0 because MSIE uses the wrong kind of font in the animation window. But of course, as I've been told, EVERYBODY has upgraded past NS3 and MSIE3 now... (we finally upgraded from Netscape Navigator 3.04 in February 2000 and were forced by circumstances to upgrade even more when we purchased Win2K because our previously faithful Win95 computer suddenly and inexplicably packed it in).

We love to travel and have discovered the wonders of touring on our bicycles. Each time we have taken a trip, I have scrawled voluminous diaries in increasingly bulging notebooks. It is taking me ages to transcribe them to the computer but I have started the tedious (for me and not you, I hope) process.

We adore good food and we get great pleasure from dining outdoors in our garden. I have planted many herbs and edible flowers and in spite of the odds (my black thumb) the garden thrives.

The www is full of the most amazing and wonderful things. I have made a list of links that I particularly like.

My father has always said that it is important to establish blame:

It's Veronica Karlsson's fault that I even have pages using up band width on the www.
Many thanks to her for all of her badgering.

Here is my self portrait:

llizard portrait (gif 491bytes)

and here is a rare photo of me

rarity (a photo of me)


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