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This page has been set up to demonstrate how important colour choices are in webdesign (or any design for that matter).

about poor colour choices

Because you are reading this page with stylesheets disabled, you are blissfully unaware of the horror. At first it might not seem too bad, but imagine a whole lot of text. And then if that text is italicized, made bold, or a larger font or smaller font is used, the irritation bar is raised to a higher level. The colours here are ones that I personally find to be intensely irritating on the eyes. And of course, for the colourblind, it's probably almost impossible to distinguish between colours that are of the same intensity.

I also find that a lot of yellow text on a large bright blue background is pretty awful too. And then if a script-font is chosen, it's even worse. And worse still if the font size is particularly small. But that's another story....

Please hit the following links to see the hideous result when half the links are visited and half are not. If one link and another link are embedded in the text, it gets worser and worser.

It looks about as frightening with the colours reversed and "school" green as the background colour. Even more than with the above colours, the link to the middle of the page and the link to the top of the page that are embedded in the text do not work at all well. The italic, larger font and smaller font are the same bad. This sort of thing can be fixed by declaring the colours in CSS only (which I did for this page), but chances are that many of your viewers don't know how to disable CSS and/or won't take the time to bother and will just leave your site, never to return.


Please, choose your colours carefully.

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